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Mcafee Site Advisor Bookmarklet For Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on April 13, 2009

I got a few emails from some avid firefox and internet explorer users who wanted to have the Mcafee Siteadvisor Plugin integrated into Google Chrome. If you dont know yet, the siteadvisor plugin from Mcafee works with only Internet Explorer And with Firefox and rates about 90% of the Web based on security issues. The plugin basically looks for all kinds of safety and security threats associated with a particular page you are browsing and alerts the users for it.

As you guys know, Google Chrome does not have an extensions/plugins gateway as such and does not quite support third party extensions till now Mcafee has not developed its Chrome version for that plugin.

However, we have got a javascript bookmarklet for Siteadvisor which would make viewing of the site’s security status a bit more easier using mcafee’s technology and database, thus giving users for Google Chrome a feeling that they are using the Mcafee Site Advisor Plugin, though this is a “cheap” work around for the actual plugin.

To use this bookmarlet just drag and drop the following link to your Google Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar.

Mcafee SiteAdvisor

When you are surfing on a site and want to know what Mcafee Siteadvisor has to say about the site you are surfing, just click on that bookmarklet once, and a new tab will open which will give you all the details and ratings of that site.

Note: This is not the official plugin/extension from mcafee, this is just a user generated javascript bookmarlet. It does not has all features as in the original plugin but just a preview of it. Though this is 100% reliable.

Credit : Quentin Headen

Two Chrome Flags Extensions

by ducktape on April 8, 2010

I got two extensions for you guys today and they both serve the same purpose. Which is, to show you where the website your on is from. And here they are:

1.) Chrome Flags

Download Page:

This is the one I’m more familiar with and the one I recommend. It’s Windows only, so if you’re running Linux or Mac skip down to the next one. In your URL bar, to the left of the go/stop button it displays a little flag. The flag symbolizes the location of the website’s server. Clicking on the flag brings open a pop-up which shows the server’s IP address, links to website information, link to the McAfee Site Adviser and WOT information.

Chrome Flags Screenshot2.)  Ultimate Chrome Flag

Download Page:

I haven’t used this one much but I got to say it does do the job well. Oddly it asks for your browsing history when installing which kind of bugs me but other than that I haven’t had anything else. Unlike the other extension this one has options. The options are what to display in the pop-up and what appears over the flag. You get a choice of three things for that: just display the flag, display WOT rating over flag or display Google page rank over flag. When you click the flag a pop-up appears which has several bits of information on it that you can edit in the options. First one being the country and IP address. Second one is the geo location of the server. Then Google page rank followed by the Alexa traffic rank. And then WOT ratings. And of course you can disable any of those in the options if you want.

Ultimate Chrome Flag ScreenshotMessage from author: If you find a mistake please report it here or email it to me here: and that’s also my Windows Live Messenger (for quicker fixes) And you can also tell me how bad my writing is :p Or just chat with me


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