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Amazon Windowshop App – Review, Features and Free Download

by arupchou on December 30, 2010

With the penetration of internet deep in people’s life, several activities which were earlier carried out manually are now being Amazon WindowShop App Imagecarried out online. One such activity is shopping.

Online shopping has emerged as one of the most popular ways for carrying out shopping activities and Amazon Windowshop Chrome Application seeks to enrich your shopping experience. Read on the Amazon Windowshop App Review to know more about this exciting shopping application available in the Chrome Web Store.

Amazon Windowshop App Review

December 7, 2010, the day when the Chrome Web Store was launched, Amazon.com said that its Windowshop application will be available in the Chrome Web Store. Amazon said that just like Amazon Windowshop available for iPad, Windowshop available in the Chrome Web Store is equipped with a new browsing interface optimized for web browsers. Vice President of Amazon.com Eva Manolis said that the Chrome Web Store helps consumers to a commodious experience of Windowshop.

Amazon Windowshop App Features

Over the years, the internet has become a powerful platform which allows users to experiment and innovate new things online. Amazon Windowshop Chrome app aims to give customers a new experience of online shopping. With the application you can explore a number of items right from textbooks to video games in a fast and easy manner. With the help of the application you can browse the products just by dragging the mouse around the screen. Some of the exquisite features of Amazon Windows Application are:

  • Results of the product searched are displayed in grid view.
  • The application let you know more about a particular product through pictures, videos, product description and user reviews of the product.

Amazon Windowshop Categories

Some of the categories of Amazon Windowshop includes

  • Books
  • Movies and TV
  • Computers and Accessories
  • Camera and Photo
  • Industrial and Scientific
  • Magazines
  • MP3 Downloads,
  • Video Games
  • Watches
  • Shoes
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Beauty
  • Cell Phones and Accessories

Amazon Windowshop Download

Amazon Windowshop can be downloaded for free via Chrome Web Store. To download Amazon Windowshop Application, click here.

Have a great online shopping experience with the help of Amazon Windowshop Chrome Application.


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