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Chrome Web Store

by logesh on October 4, 2010

In May 2010 Google announced a major new product: Chrome Web Store. It’s a Gallery, much like Chrome Extensions Gallery, that will store web application compatible with Google Chrome. The major fact is that developers can add and charge for their applications.

If you are a developer you can build this kind of application much like a normal web application. The only thing different is the way you package this application so that it can be deployed later on by any user that wants it from the Chrome Web Store.

Although there hasn’t been any official opening to this Web Store, we can already see the concrete work. Google posted a set of guidelines for the developers that want to collaborate with this Store. Starting from 23 of September you can sign in for an account via your developer’s dashboard. You will have to complete a few steps in order to be able to upload your installable application and to charge for it. There are several options for you to use so that you can manage and visualize your “shell”.

Google states that they will continue to work at this Store but they are encouraging users to visit this store, developers to start uploading.

The interface is similar to Apple iTunes. It’s simple, offering a clean look. The information and the customization of the page is up to the developer of that application.

For the interested user the store offers a simple browsing style, with categories and refine search.  For those applications that aren’t free pricing information are displayed and also to help you decide you can read customers review.

With this being said, we wish you happy Chrome-Web-Store browsing.

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