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Ge.tt App – Review, Features and Free Download

by arupchou on January 4, 2011

Everyone at point or time needs to share files on the web. There are several ways of sharing files on the web and sometimes sharing Ge.tt Application Imageof files can turn out to be really tedious if the attachment is big. But with the help of Get.tt application you can upload and share files within no time, which makes it one of the best file sharing web tools available in the market.

Read on the Ge.tt application Review to know more about this application which can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Ge.tt Application Review

Ge.tt is one of the fastest real-time file sharing application which does not require installing or creating an account in order to utilize the services. It is a browser based application which has a fast and simple interface where you do not need to wait for files to uploaded and then share them.

Ge.tt Application Features

Instant sharing feature of Ge.tt gives it an edge over web sharing tools. With the help of this application all you need to do is to click on the files you need to upload. As soon as you click on the files, the files are ready to be uploaded and a ge.tt URL is generated. As soon as the URL is generated the files are ready to be shared. So there is no upload wait time and you can share the files instantly.

The files are available on the browser and each uploaded file supports a “view” option which allows anyone to view the shared file irrespective of the type of file. The application also allows you add files even after you have shared the link.

Another feature of this app is that it gives you real time statistics of your shared files. For example if you have shared something on popular social networking sites like Twitter or FaceBook, ge.tt app gives you statistics of  people viewing and downloading your post. If you want to know the popularity of your post, then ge.tt is the application for you.

With the help of the application you can directly send share files from the website on the e-mail of the person you want. The application is fully based on browser technologies without the requirement of flash and applet.

Ge.tt Free Download

As said earlier that the application can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. To download the application from Chrome Web Store, click here.

So download the application and start instant sharing of your files.


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