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Lackluster Sales Of Paid Apps On Google Chrome Web Store

by arupchou on January 5, 2011

The Google Chrome Web Store was launched with much fanfare last year in December. The web store boasts of applications which seek Chrome Web Store Imageto enhance the productivity of browser as well as enrich web surfing experience of users. The Chrome Web store is a place where users can purchase applications and thereby it provides a platform to developers to sell web apps using unified payment system. But it has been noticed that installation of paid applications in the Web Store has been pretty low.

Possible Reasons For Low Sales

Apps such as Toddler Jukebox, Yes Or No Tarot, LockMaster, Real Solitaire etc which feature in the ‘Top Paid” category have been installed pretty few times and most of the other paid apps are also being installed very few times, resulting in lackluster sales. One of the possible reasons for weak sales of the apps can be the festive and the holiday season. With the festive season round in December and January users around the world might have focused more on other activities rather than turning their attention on the Chrome Web Store.

However, it is believed that the low exposure of Chrome Web Store to users is another major factor hindering the sales of the applications in the store. On the other hand, as expected, free applications available in the Web Store are being installed more than the paid apps. Google needs to devise a strategy to enhance the sales of paid apps and increase the exposure of the web store among users.

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