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Mibbit Webchat App – Review, Features And Free Download

by arupchou on January 14, 2011

In the age of internet, chat is one of the most popular ways of entertaining oneself. Of several chat applications available, Mibbit is Mibbit Application Imageone of the most popular webchat applications which give users access to chat tools and network. Read on the Mibbit Webchat Application review to know about this webchat application.

Mibbit Webchat Application Review

Mibbit allows you to chat on several Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks and get connected to thousands of other people across the globe. The application also comes with a search feature which allows users to easily find a chat by a name or a particular keyword. Founded by Jimmy Moore in 2008, the application, it offers a widget to owners of website willing to integrate chat room with their users.

Mibbit Webchat Application Features

Some of the exquisite features of Mibbit are

  • It lets you create your own chat channels and show videos, images on-line.
  • It runs on almost any web browser on any PC.
  • The user interface of the application runs in 9 different languages.
  • It lets you create as well as register your own channel and nicknames. However, users can start chatting even without registering.
  • Chat histories and favorite channels of users are securely available anytime.
  • The application works on game consoles and smartphones too.

Mibbit Webchat Application Free Download

The application can be downloaded free from the Chrome Web Store. To download the application from Chrome Web Store, click here.

So download the application and start chatting right away.

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1 hamza 06.15.11 at 4:16 am

nice chatroom

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