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SlideRocket App – Review, Features and Download

by arupchou on December 18, 2010

In the digital and corporate world, presentations are one of the most effective tools for sharing information. With the penetration of web increasing in today’s business environ, online presentations have gained momentum. Online presentations are web based slide sets and unlike desktop presentation software these presentations are supervised via web.

SlideRocket Application PictureOnline presentations are potent communication tools which can be used various purposes. SlideRocket is one of the most popular online slide presentation software available in the Chrome Web store which helps you to create dynamic presentations. Read on the SlideRocket app review to know more about this interactive presentation software.

SlideRocket Chrome Application Review

SlideRocket was the brainchild of by Mitch Grasso and Mike Lingle and it uses lithe software to create presentations. SlideRocket presentations have been highly appreciated by users and since it is web based application has several advantages. Being a web based service, it can be run on any PC and unlike PowerPoint; you do not need to install any software.

Features Of SlideRocket

SlideRocket has been designed to bring out content from the web. If you want to add video in your slide, then just click the video button on the main toolbar which opens a web page from where you can select videos from YouTube or Flickr. You can also upload video from your hard disk. You need to paste the URL of the video you want to add. Graphics and audio-tracks can be added in your SlideRocket presentation in a similar manner.

However, if you want to crop the video or play a certain section of it, then you cannot do it in SlideRocket presentation. But you can certainly control its opacity. There is an inspector panel which allows you to customize your video and also lets you choose fonts, colors etc for your text.

Some of the other exquisite features of SlideRocket are
• Presentations look similar when viewed in Windows, Mac or Linux.
• It lets you share the presentations through a link or blog.
• You can create SlideRocket presentation anywhere on this globe. It is not necessary to have your PC installed with Powerpoint or other presentation software.
• It allows you to carry out HD web meetings and share presentations in real time.

SlideRocket Competitors and Alternatives

SlideRocket Application ImageSome of the SlideRocket competitors and alternatives available in the market are Zoho, 280 Slides, 280 North, Microsoft Power Point, PresenterNet, Faculte.

SlideRocket Login

To login into SlideRocket, click here.

SlideRocket Download

You can download SlideRocket in several ways. You can go to the official website of SlideRocket (www.sliderocket.com) and download SlideRocket. The software is also available in the Chrome Web Store from where you can download it. To download SlideRocket from Chrome Web Store, click here.

To download software from www.sliderocket.com, click here.

SlideRocket is undoubtedly one of the most elegant web-based presentation software available in the market. Try it once to create stunning presentations to spell bound your audience.

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