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Sports Illustrated Snapshot App – Review, Features and Download

by arupchou on December 20, 2010

If you are a sports fanatic and want to get access to the latest photographs and news of your favorite sports, then Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated SnapShot PictureSnapshot is the application for you. The application available in the Chrome Web Store delivers exclusive photos from award-winning photographers of Sports Illustrated and gives you access photos of global sporting events. Read on the Sports Illustrated Snapshot App review to know more about this free application which you can download from the Chrome Web Store.

Sports Illustrated Snapshot Application Review

For over 5 decades Sports Illustrated has given views iconic sports images though the lenses of its photographers. Now the photo editors of Sports Illustrated look forward to edit and caption the best images of everyday for Snapshot’s numerous channels. So download the app from Chrome Web Store and get stunning photos of sporting events around the world.

Features of Sports Illustrated Application

Some of the exquisite features of Sports Illustrated Application are

• You can see 10 top photographs every morning chosen by editors of Sports Illustrated.
• It gives you instant updates and news of your favorite team or sport.
• You can create your own channel of the team or sports you like.
• You can enjoy photo sets which includes swimsuit body painting, the year in pictures etc.
• The application lets you share your favorite images through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Sports Illustrated Snapshot Application ImageSports Illustrated Snapshot Application has been built in HTML 5 which makes it easily searchable, shareable and accessible in the Chrome Browser. The application will also include photos from sports like NHL, Soccer etc in coming January.

Download Sports Illustrated Snapshot Application

Sports news and photographs are one of most widely searched items across the globe. With the help of this free application, you can enjoy the first shots of historic feats achieved in the sporting field.

To download, Sports Illustrated Snapshot application, click here.

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