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Acer ChromeBooks To Be Cheaper Than Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks

by arupchou on July 9, 2011

Operating System but have been disappointed because of the pricing of Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks, here is an alternative for you. Acer another vendor identified by Google for manufacturing Chromebooks will soon be available to users at a cheaper price than Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks. Acer Chromebooks To Be Shipped Most Probably By July 11 […]

WebGL Security Boosted In Chrome 13

by arupchou on July 7, 2011

In a bid to make Chrome more secure, Google has announced that cross domain images and videos used as WebGL textures will no longer be supported by Chrome 13. It has been found that cross domain textures have allowed attackers to read information from other websites using specialized shaders. It is to be noted that […]

Google Popularizing Chrome In India Via TV Campaigns

by arupchou on July 7, 2011

Almost a year later after Yahoo launched “You” campaign to promote its products and services, search engine giant Google has launched TV campaign to boost the market share of Chrome in the Indian market. Google’s campaign which shows as to how the web has changed lives of millions of people has been devised for India […]

Samsung Chromebooks Selling More Than Android Tablets In Amazon.com

by arupchou on July 4, 2011

During the recently concluded Google’s I/O conference, Google showcased Android tablets as well as notebooks running on Chrome OS. At that time it was believed that Android tablets would score over Chrome OS notebooks in terms of sales. But going by the trend on Amazon.com, it has been revealed that Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebooks […]

Chrome’s Market Share Surpasses 20%

by arupchou on July 1, 2011

Chrome is growing and its growing rapidly. The browser has cornered 20% of the world’s market share while Internet Explorer’s (IE) market share has slipped below 50%, according to the data by StatCounter. The data from StatCounter reveals that Chrome is now the fifth most popular internet browser with a market share of 20.7%.

Seven Bugs Fixed By Google In Chrome Browser

by arupchou on June 30, 2011

Search engine giant Google has patched seven bugs in Chrome on Tuesday thereby providing second security update of the browser this month. All the bugs fixed were in Chrome 12.0.742.112 and were rated “high”. Several mechanism of Chrome received patches which included the browser’s V8 JavaScript engine, HTML parsers and CSS. It is to be […]

Acer AC700 Chromebook Debuts In The USA

by arupchou on June 28, 2011

Acer AC700, Acer America’s first Chromebook made its debut in the United States. Acer AC700 runs on Google’s Chrome operating system and offers instant access to the internet. Acer AC700 Chrome is perfect for educational institutions and business people who spend a lot of time on the internet using the services of cloud computing such […]

Google Enhances Performance Of Chrome

by arupchou on June 26, 2011

In a bid to enhance the performance of Chrome browser, search engine giant Google is adding another phase to its pre-rendering process. Not only this, it is also accelerating search queries which are launched through the location bar of Chrome. It is to be noted that pre-rendering of limited search results was made available by […]

Chrome Market Share Continues To Rise

by arupchou on June 25, 2011

Chrome Browser is slowly enhancing its market share. In the last few months the market share of the browser has increased rapidly and at a time when other browser have lost market share, Chrome has continued to strengthen its presence in the market. the art of the personal essay StatCounter Data Shows Chrome To Cross […]

Samsung ChromeBooks To Hit European Markets

by arupchou on June 24, 2011

Users eagerly awaiting for Chromebooks in the Europe have a reason to rejoice. Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks is all set to hit European markets pretty soon. The Series 5 Chromebooks weighs just under 1.5 kgs and will be equipped with Google’s ambitious cloud-based OS, Chrome. custom essay writing service reviews Features of Samsung Series 5 […]

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