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Chrome To Soon Acquire Real Time Communication Features

by arupchou on June 23, 2011

In a step which could further enhance the popularity of the Chrome browser, Google plans to add real time communication (RTC) features in Chrome browser. As per the comments on Google developer forum, Google Chrome will shortly be accompanied by built-in voice and video chat functionality. It will permit any third-party developer to generate RTC […]

Google Developing Open-Source Tool To Enhance Security Of Chrome Browser

by arupchou on June 22, 2011

Robust security has been the hallmark of Chrome and Google has taken yet another step in this direction. It has come up with an open-source tool for Chrome browser called DOM Snitch. The software is a Chrome extension on an experimental basis which helps developers to know websites that execute malicious code on computers. The […]


Chrome To Make Search Easier And Faster

by arupchou on June 20, 2011

“Search” is one thing which has played a major role in what Google is today. Of late it has been noticed that Google is trying to make search one of its top priorities and has been evolving ways to enhance search when users are using Chrome browser. It is to be noted that Google has […]


Chrome 14 To Further Enhance Browser Security

by arupchou on June 20, 2011

Google Chrome 14.0.794.0 dev is available for download for Windows, Mac, Linux and this version of Chrome addresses several security apprehensions. Chrome 14.0.794.0 improves secure HTTP support in multiple ways and also along with it the V8 JavaScript engine is updated to version It also improves security when web applications are installed from the […]

Google Working To Get Tighter PDF Integration In Chrome

by arupchou on June 18, 2011

Search engine giant Google is working on new ways to integrate PDF capabilities in Chrome. It is to be noted Chrome was one of the first browser to equip itself with a PDF reader and now Google is working to further improve upon it.

Google Releases Chrome Beta 13.0.782.24

by arupchou on June 17, 2011

Google has come up with the latest version of Chrome Beta which supports features such as Instant Pages and Print Preview. The latest version of Chrome Beta also includes some of the features announced by Google earlier this week. Release Of Chrome Beta Version 13.0.782.24 The Beta version of Chrome which supports the aforementioned features […]

Chrome To Encrypt Gmail

by arupchou on June 16, 2011

In recent times, Gmail has been a preferred target for hackers particularly from China. Recently Google claimed that Chinese hackers hacked Gmail accounts of several administrative officials of the White House. In order to counter the threat, Google has modified the Chrome browser in such a manner that it will always encrypt connections with e-mail […]

Voice Recognition To Accompany Chrome

by arupchou on June 14, 2011

Google is known for experimenting and the search engine giant has announced that it is bringing speech recognition to desktop and laptop versions of Chrome browser. It is to be noted that Voice input is one of the most widely used features among Android mobiles. The Mountain View, California based company is adding voice search […]

Amazon and Best Buy Have Started Taking Pre-Orders For Chromebooks

by arupchou on June 11, 2011

Two of the biggest online retailers Amazon and Best Buy have begun taking early orders for Chromebooks. Chromebooks are expected to be launched on June 15 and the orders as of now are limited to the United States only. Meanwhile, Google has said that it will release the notebooks gradually in other countries as well.

ISYS Sues Google For Using Chromebook Name

by arupchou on June 10, 2011

A new controversy has surrounded Google just when it is about to launch its Chromebooks with Acer and Samsung as partners. ISYS technologies, which owns Xi3 Corporation has claimed that Google has breached with its trademark by using the name “Chromebook” and has asked an Utah court to stop Google and its partners from launching […]

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