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WordPress Launches WordPress.com Chrome Extension

by arupchou on January 30, 2012

Here is a piece of information which is likely to cheer a lot of bloggers. WordPress has declared the launch of a new WordPress.com Chrome extension which gives users access to several features of WordPress.com. The extension notifies you when you are away from WordPress.com and users get notifications when they get a new follower.


Fast eBay Search Chrome Extension – Review, Features and Download

by arupchou on January 20, 2012

The online shopping trend is on a rise. With several online shopping sites coming up, it has become easier for customers to search for the products they want. eBay is one of the top online B2B shopping site, where numerous products are sold and purchased. Fast eBay Search is one useful Google Chrome extension which […]

Sort Extensions into Groups By Context Chrome Extension

by arupchou on January 18, 2012

Extensions are an important aspect of Chrome browser. Extensions increase the productivity and usefulness of the Chrome browser. When you look at the extensions you have installed in your Chrome browser, you will find that you may not be using all of them at the same time. There are extensions installed for particular tasks such […]

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Enlarge Photos Without Clicking Through Hover Zoom Chrome Extension

by arupchou on January 5, 2012

Many a times while surfing the net, it may happen that you have to click on a thumbnail image to make it appear larger. However, sometimes it is not just one click. There can be websites, where you find something interesting on the homepage and you have to click on the item and then click on […]

Convert WebPages Into eBooks With dotEPUB Chrome Extension

by arupchou on December 27, 2011

Quite often, it is not possible to sit in front of your computer and read lengthy text. You simply do not have enough time to read it. However with dotEPUB Chrome extension, you can simply convert any web page into eBook which you can read on any epub compatible device such as e-readers, tablets, netbooks […]

Researchers Find 27 Chrome Extensions To Be Insecure

by arupchou on October 13, 2011

While Chrome extensions are designed to make browsers more productive, there are certain extensions which can be potentially malicious. Security researchers Nicholas Carlini, Adrienne Porter Felt and Prateek Saxsena have discovered some of such extensions which are insecure. The researchers reviewed 50 popular and 50 random Chrome extensions for security issues from Chrome Web Store […]


Enable Remote Computer Control With Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Extension

by arupchou on October 10, 2011

Chrome extensions are known to increase the productivity of the Chrome browser. Recently Google has come up with an extension which is a browser- based equivalent of remote desktop software which allows users to remotely contact another computer with the help of Chrome browser or Chromebook. Such an extension is quite helpful for IT administrators […]

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Sort Chrome BookMarks By SuperSorter Chrome Extension

by arupchou on October 1, 2011

Are you fed up of dragging and dropping bookmarks in Chrome manually? Well, now you do not have to worry about doing it. Chrome Web Store has got a Chrome Extension called SuperSorter, which will help you to sort all your bookmarks in alphabetical order. With just a single click of the button of the […]


ezAutoCorrect for Gmail Chrome Extension:Auto-Correct Typos In GMail

by arupchou on September 27, 2011

How many times, wrong typos in your email have caused you embarrassment? Would not have it been better, if just like smartphone’s auto-correction technique, you can auto correct spellings in your Gmail. ezAutoCorrect for Gmail is a Chrome extension which will correct some of your most common spelling mistakes. Although the dictionary is limited as […]


TooManyTabs – Tab Manager Extension For Chrome

by arupchou on September 19, 2011

Many  users prefer tabbed browsing as such browsing helps the desktop to remain uncluttered with sites opened in different windows. But very often opening of a large number of tabs may slow the performance of the browser as well as the machine. In this article, we will tell you as to how you can postpone […]


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