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New Google Chrome Beta Version To Stop Flash Advertisements

by Chrome Blog on June 5, 2015

Google has recently launched a beta version for Chrome, promising to improve web experiences by putting an end to Flash animations that disrupt normal webpage browsing and viewing. In a joint effort with Adobe, the search-engine giant has successfully stopped Flash content, including those with audio.


Google Chrome to Go Clutter-Free with Its New Reader Mode

by Chrome Blog on February 27, 2015

Google is currently developing its latest Reader Mode for desktop and mobile Chrome browsers. With the experimental version available already, the tool allows you to read web pages much easily by removing all the clutters including ads, buttons, boxes, and pictures.


Google Chrome to Adopt the HTTP 2.0 Standard

by Chrome Blog on February 13, 2015

After five years from announcing its SPDY protocol, Google has decided to postpone the effort. Instead, Google Chrome is all set to accept the completely new HTTP 2.0 standard in early 2016, making it the successor to the currently used HTTP 1.1 protocol.


Google Chrome To Support Apple’s Emojis Very Soon

by Chrome Blog on January 12, 2015

Those who were always vexed by Google Chrome’s inability to display the emojis for OS X will finally be relieved, as it has been reported that support for emojis is arriving very soon on Chrome for Mac OS X. For many years, a bug in the web browser prevented the emojis from being displayed in […]


Google Chrome To Warn The Web Users About Unencrypted Sites

by Chrome Blog on December 30, 2014

In the recent months, the internet has become more hostile. Companies have lost important data including personal information and records of their customers because of several hacks. To make the Internet more secure for web users, the Chrome engineers plan to incorporate a warning system to Google Chrome.


Chrome devices to be powered by Rockchip RK-3288?

by Sagnik Roy on May 26, 2014

Rockchip RK3288 powered Chrome OS devices might hit the market soon. In April this year, Rockchip, the Chinese chip maker company gave a demo show of Chromium OS running in their prototype board. And recently we have heard Google’s Francois Beaufort reporting that a new ARM development board featuring the same processor is functioning at […]


Google Announces Chrome version 36

by Sagnik Roy on May 23, 2014

Google is on a roll, and within two days of releasing a very stable Chrome version 35, the web giants have already announced the next update. Chrome 36 Beta for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems will update features for specifically developers, app builders and web builders.


‘OK Google’ Voice Search Control for Chrome OS

by Sagnik Roy on May 22, 2014

The web giant, Google has recently added a voice search command to launch searches in its Chrome OS. The latest update (version 35) introduces search capabilities for new tabs or Google search pages using the hot-word ‘OK Google’. This can turn out to be a very interesting and functional service for people to initiate searches […]

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Google Chrome Updated (version 35) : Many new features and more developer control!

by Sagnik Roy on May 21, 2014

Google Chrome version 35 has been released today for Windows, Mac and Linux. This update does not seem to have much for the end users, but has a lot to cater to the needs of web builders and app developers. The latest release can be accessed from the browser’s built-in updater or can be manually […]

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Google Patent To Revive Lapdock Concept?

by Sagnik Roy on May 20, 2014

Google has reportedly filed a hardware patent that would enable users to insert their smart phone into their laptop, providing audio and data on-the-go services for the laptop. The idea echoes of Motorola’s lapdock designs featuring Atrix phones, but is yet completely different. According to sources, this phone-laptop docking would allow Instant messaging, Video conference […]


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