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Google Testing Search-Enabled Tabs in Chrome Browser and OS

by S.Roy on August 27, 2013

Google is plann How To Get Your Ex Back When Their With Someone Else ing to introduce a search box into the “new tab” window, in an effort to make search easier for users. The feature will work in Chrome browsers where Google has been set as the default search engine.

No More Local Video Streaming Support to Chromecast

by S.Roy on August 26, 2013

Chromecast, the $35 device from Google to stream videos from the web to TV, has been robbed of a support that would shock many developers. Until now, the device could be used to stream local video to TV. But a recent update from Google seems to have disabled support for directly streaming videos from mobile […]

Google Plus Photos App Now Goes Beyond Chromebook Pixel

by S.Roy on August 24, 2013

The much-loved Google+ Photos app is now no more exclusive to the Chromebook Pixel notebook. The application, available in as many as 52 languages, can now be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and installed in other Chromebooks.

Google Launches Chrome Beta 30 for Multiple Platforms

by S.Roy on August 23, 2013

Google has announced the release of Chrome 30 beta for a number of platforms like Windows, Android, Linux and Mac. The beta version comes with new APIs and gestures as well as an easier “search by image” which is its highlight. How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Download

Chrome 29 Comes with Omnibox Suggestions and other Enhancements

by S.Roy on August 22, 2013

The Omnibox has Get Your Ex Back With A Letter always been a cool search feature in the Chrome browser. Now, Chrome 29 has gone a step beyond to offer users better auto-suggestion in the Omnibox based on the recency of sites that have been visited. This is aimed at making suggestions more well-timed and […]

Google Chrome is set to Arrive with Parental Controls

by S.Roy on August 20, 2013

Not content with buying suggestions from hackers and developers, Google seems to have taken its security concerns for the Chrome browser one step ahead. This time, the tech biggie has implemented a move to control internet accessibility for children – which is sure to be good news to parents.


Mozilla Firefox Seemingly Losing Users to Google Chrome Browser

by S.Roy on August 19, 2013

It seems the hard work of Google is finally paying off. Statistics from Net Applications reveal a sharp drop in the use of Mozilla Firefox and a concurrent rise in the usage of Google Chrome during the months of June and July. Does that mean Google is managing to wean users away from other popular […]

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Replace Website Images with Ryan Gosling’s With Hey Girl Chrome App

by S.Roy on August 16, 2013

US developer Katherine Champagne has created a Chrome extension, termed “Hey Girl,” that replaces pictures on any web page with that of Ryan Gosling. That is sure to be some news for fans of the star, who is said to be the most beautiful man in the universe.


Google Increases Bug Fix Bounties to $5000

by S.Roy on August 13, 2013

Google has upped the amount it would pay to security researchers for possible loopholes in its Chrome browser. This comes after the tech biggie having already forked out over $2m to reward bug findings and fixes for various security programs.


Google Updates Chromecast Device and Other Chrome Products

by S.Roy on August 12, 2013

Updates for the Chromecast TV dongle has been issued by Google. The search engine bigshot has also updated its Chrome browser alongside, Chrome Beta for Android, Chrome for iOS and Chrome OS.


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