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Video of Chromium OS Running on Tablets Surfaces

by arupchou on August 9, 2011

In one of our earlier articles, we had said that Google has no plans to make its Chrome Operating system available to tablets. At that time Google had said that Chrome OS is primarily focused for notebooks. There were obvious reasons for it. With tablets running on Google’s own Android system, launching Chrome OS tablets […]


Chrome’s New Version To Re-Enable Multi-Touch Gestures In Lion

by arupchou on July 29, 2011

Search engine giant Google has come up with a new developer version of Chrome to re-enable multi-touch gesture which changed in Lion, which is the new version of Mac OS X.  Google came up with Chrome 14.0.835.0 for Mac which alters the forward and backward navigation for two finger swipe motion on Apple’s devices. It […]


Webian Shell To Compete With Chrome OS

by arupchou on July 16, 2011

While Chrome expects to give tough competition to established operating systems in the market, it can face a new challenge from a new competitor. Webian Shell, a new OS is being developed by Mozilla and just like Chrome, the operating interface is centered around the browser. Like Chrome OS, Webian Shell is equipped with a […]

Security Experts Demonstrates Hacking Chrome Via Scratchpad Extension

by arupchou on July 15, 2011

While a number of questions have been raised regarding the security of the Chrome OS, a security researcher demonstrated a preview as to how an extension can be exploited to hack Chrome. The extension known as ScratchPad offers diverse range of permission which makes the Chrome vulnerable to attack. Matt Johansen, a security expert at […]

WhiteHat Security Researcher Matt Johansen Finds Flaws In Chrome OS

by arupchou on July 1, 2011

Though Google claims Chrome OS to be one of the most secure operating systems, WhiteHat security researcher Matt Johansen said that he was discovered vulnerability in a Chrome OS application which allowed him to gain control over a Google e-mail account. Though Google has fixed the bug, Johansen said that it has discovered other apps […]

New Mac OS X Lion To Challenge Chrome OS

by arupchou on June 14, 2011

While Chrome OS might be the talk of the town, several OS are being developed or launched which may give a tough competition to Chrome. Last week technology giant Apple Inc unveiled new Mac OS X Lion which boasts of 250 new features. Several of these features are expected to give Chrome OS a run […]

Chrome OS Powered Devices To Give New Shape To Cloud

by arupchou on June 13, 2011

After several years of development Chrome OS based computers are slated to hit the markets. While Acer and Samsung will launch Chrome OS based notebooks on July 15, Kogan has already released Chrome OS based notebooks. Well, the Chrome OS based notebooks take the concept of cloud computing to the very next level. Chrome OS […]

Pichai Gives Insights Into Development Of Chrome And Chrome OS

by arupchou on June 7, 2011

During his visit to Taiwan during Computex 2011, Google’s senior VP of Chrome Sundar Pichai said that Google will not equip tablets or handsets with its Chrome OS. Neither the search engine giant will scale Android to Chromebooks. Pichai discussed the developments surrounding Chrome and Chrome OS. Speaking to the press, Pichai said that he […]

Kogan To Ship Its Chrome OS Machines On June 7

by arupchou on June 5, 2011

Last week Australian online retailer Kogan announced that they will be launching a notebook running on Chromium OS. The company has now decided that it will ship the world’s first notebook equipped with Google’s Chromium OS from June 7, which is exactly a week ahead of Chromebooks by Acer and Samsung. The Chromebooks manufactured by […]

Google To Set Up Laboratory In Taiwan To Develop Computers Running On Chrome OS

by arupchou on June 3, 2011

On the sidelines of Taipei Computex 2011 computer show, Sundar Pichai Google’s senior VP for Chrome business operation said that the company will come up with a laboratory in Taiwan to develop computers running on Chrome OS. Pichai further added that because of Taiwan’s rich experience and advantage in making OEM/ODM PC, the company has […]

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