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Google Plans To Focus Chrome OS Only On Notebooks

by arupchou on May 31, 2011

Search engine giant Google has said that at present it will keep the focus of its Chrome Operating system only on notebooks and does not intend to make it available on tablets. Neither does it plan to merge it with its popular Android operating system.  It is to be noted that Google has received criticism […]

Xi3 Corp To Launch ChromiumPC Running On Chrome OS

by arupchou on May 20, 2011

Google while developing Chrome OS had said that the OS is being targeted towards notebooks and laptops. But Xi3 Corporation has announced a ChromiumPC modular computer, which is the first desktop computer in the world fabricated to run Google’s Chrome Operating system. The computer was first revealed by Xi3 Corp in 2009 and teh device […]

Chrome OS Vs Traditional OS: Interesting Battle On The Cards

by arupchou on May 17, 2011

With Google launching its ambitious Chrome OS with launch of Acer and Samsung’s notebooks, this can very well change the way consumers interact with their operating system. At present, the OS market is dominated by Microsoft and Google which has challenged Microsoft on every front, is set to challenge it in the OS segment too […]

Google Unveils Chrome OS Powered Laptops

by arupchou on May 13, 2011

Users itching to get their hands on Chrome OS powered devices have a reason to rejoice as search engine giant Google has rolled out a couple of Chrome OS powered laptops. While one of the laptops is made by Samsung, the other one is made by Acer. The devices were showcased at Google I/O conference […]

Chrome OS Devices To Be Launched During I/O Conference

by arupchou on May 6, 2011

It seems that the much awaited launch of Chrome OS devices is soon going to be over. Speculations are thick and fast that the launch of Chrome OS devices will take place at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco next week. Notably in a recent Chrome OS update , search engine giant Google has addressed […]

Chrome OS Beta Update Features File Explorer And VPN Feature

by arupchou on May 5, 2011

A recent update of Chrome OS beta suggests that Google will keep one of the most fundamental feature for any operating system, i.e proper management of file. When Google came up with Cr-48 notebook, there were discussions that the search engine giant might omit it, but the update of the Chrome OS beta has changed […]

Chrome OS Notebooks Might Be Launched Before End Of June

by arupchou on May 3, 2011

With Google addressing issues related to Chrome OS, there is a huge possiblity that users might see Chrome OS equipped notebooks before the end of June. Notably developments surrounding the Chrome OS has gained momentum over the past few weeks as most of the vulnerabilities patched in Chrome are directed towards Chrome operating system. Along […]

Chrome OS Might Be Launched In May

by arupchou on April 21, 2011

While search engine giant Google has been working on Chrome operating system for netbook, it seems that the OS will be launched sometimes in May. With the launch of a stable developer channel for Chrome OS expectations are high that the Chrome OS will be announced in May during Google I/O conference. Google announced about […]


Source Code Reveals Google’s Working On Tablets Equipped With Chrome OS

by arupchou on April 8, 2011

After the Chrome OS event held last year in December, the cloud based operating system from Google has generated much enthusiasm. Several vendors are reportedly working of devices packed with the Chrome OS. Now details found in Google’s source code reveals that the programmers of the company have started to work on a tablet version […]

Chrome OS Beta Updated To R11

by arupchou on April 5, 2011

Search engine giant Google has updated the beta channel of its cloud based operating system Chrome. The R11 of Chrome OS beta bears version number and includes the 11.0.696.34 Chrome  browser version. The new Chrome OS update equips several features and fixes.

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