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Google May Come Out With Chrome OS Equipped Notebook During Q2 Of 2011

by arupchou on March 29, 2011

If rumors are to be believed then users can get their hands on devices equipped with the Chrome OS during the second quarter of 2011 that is sometimes in June or July. According to unnamed sources search engine giant Google will come up with machines equipped with the Chrome OS most probably in June and […]

No Further Applications For Cr-48 Notebooks Entertained By Google

by arupchou on March 12, 2011

Search engine giant Google has stopped shipping of Cr-48 notebooks and will wait until later this year to ship out devices equipped with the Chrome OS along with its partners. Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Management at Google tweeted on March 8 that the company has shipped all the Cr-48 notebooks and will partner devices […]

Chrome OS Puts Pressure On Hardware Manufacturers

by arupchou on February 17, 2011

While there are several speculations regarding the Chrome OS, one thing which the OS is sure to trigger is that of price war in the computer hardware market. It is expected that the OS will be launched sometimes in mid 2011 and the hype surrounding it has already created much buzz in the tech market. […]

How To Run Google Chrome OS From USB

by arupchou on January 12, 2011

Running Chrome OS From USB Drive Within hours of announcement made by search engine Google about the release of the Chrome OS source code, there were thousands of images hovering in the internet about the running of OS on machines. If you wish to try the Chrome OS on your netbook you can get it […]


Windows OS To Face Tough Challenge From Chrome OS In 2011

by arupchou on January 4, 2011

Microsoft, which till date has dominated the operating system (OS) market can expect tough challenge in 2011 from Google’s ambitious Chrome OS. Experts believe that millions of users worldwide will switch from Windows OS to Chrome OS which not only seeks to make operations fast but bring down costs of machines equipped with the OS. […]

Launch Of Chrome OS Notebooks Round The Corner

by arupchou on December 27, 2010

After creating much buzz during the premier of Chrome OS event where Google gave insights into it’s upcoming Chrome OS, it is expected that search engine giant Google will launch their Chrome OS notebooks within the next few weeks. Google has already begun shipping of Cr-48 notebooks to test its Chrome OS and aims to […]

Cr-48 Pilot Program May Cross USA Boundaries

by arupchou on December 23, 2010

During the premier of Google Cr-48 Notebook at the recently held Chrome OS Event, Google had said that it will ship 60,000 Cr-48 notebooks powered by Chrome OS. The company has so far shipped nearly 14,000 of them and 46,000 of notebooks are yet to be shipped. Google is carefully planning the shipment of the […]

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook – Review

by arupchou on December 22, 2010

As we had mentioned in our preview of Google Cr-48, the notebook boasts of several features. But using it is actually something else; as we found recently when we sat down to review this notebook. With Google planning to take cloud computing to the very next level with its Chrome OS, to test the OS, […]

Success Of Cloud Largely Dependent On Chrome OS

by arupchou on December 21, 2010

Though it will be too early to comment that web based OS is the future, it is a fact that consumers are being attracted towards cloud. According to an Ovum report released on Monday, the success of cloud addressing the needs of users largely rests upon Chrome OS developed by Google. pmdd treatment According to […]

Slow Progress In Shipment Of Cr-48 Chrome Notebooks

by arupchou on December 20, 2010

The Cr-48 Chrome Notebook unveiled by search engine giant Google was to be deployed among 60,000 users. The company has so far been able to ship only about 14,000 of Cr-48 Chrome notebooks. According the latest starts (available till Dec 16, 2010) from Cr-48 Shipping Tracker number of Cr-48 Chrome notebooks shipped stood at 13,868 […]


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