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Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Chrome Command Line Switches

by Chrome Blog on September 15, 2008

Google Chrome has a number of command line switches which change the behavior of Chrome, some of these switches can be turned on/off in the regular settings menu such as “dns-prefetch-disable” however others cannot. To launch and use the switches, you append the switch name when calling Chrome on launch like: “…..\Application\chrome.exe” –crash-test Which would […]


Chrome Backup and Profile Tool

by Chrome Blog on September 8, 2008

Miha from Parhelia Tools just contacted me with a really awesome profile management tool for Google Chrome they have just made. The other day i posted instructions on how to create seperate profiles in Chrome manually by running queries, however some people we having problems accomplishing this however this solves the problems. Firstly a look […]


Google Chrome Forum – Open

by Chrome Blog on September 8, 2008

With the amount of comments on the site asking questions on how to do various things in Chrome, you will be happy to know i’ve put a forum online which allows people to discuss things far better than what can be done in WordPress comments. Also Simon B who is a Chromium Developer commented here […]


Custom Search Engines in Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on September 6, 2008

One very useful but not well documented feature in Google Chrome is the ability to use the Omnibox (Address Bar) to search on your favorite sites using the browsers ‘Search Engines’ feature. For example i’m going to show you how to create a custom search on Google Images. Step 1 Go to the Google Images […]


How to Create Profiles in Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on September 5, 2008

How to Create User Profiles in Google Chrome Chrome by default doesn’t have the ability to have separate user profiles, which is a nice feature to have when you are sharing the computer with family members. Browsers are getting more “personal” allowing the user to customize many aspects of it’s functionality as well as having […]


Bookmark Chrome About Pages

by Chrome Blog on September 5, 2008

Bookmark Chrome “about:” pages If you find yourself frequently needing to access Chrome’s “about” pages you will find you cannot bookmark them like regular pages, so this is a trick that enables you to bookmark them. * on a normal page that is bookmarkable, click the Star * from the Bookmarks pop-out, click “Edit” * […]


Google Chrome Shortcuts

by Chrome Blog on September 3, 2008

About Commands about: ->show version info about:version -> same to about: about:cache -> show cache content about:plugins -> show info of plugins installed about:memory ->show memory usage about:crash -> crash the tab about:dns -> show dns info, like time about:network -> network tools about:stats -> shh! this page is secret! about:internets -> the tubes are […]


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