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10 Features of Google Chrome

by Chrome Blog on September 3, 2008

Here is a run down of 10 features in Google Chrome, this video one is mainly intended for new users and people who have yet to download Google Chrome and want to know a bit more about the web browser.

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1 Maaz Hurzuk 09.04.08 at 12:04 pm

Beautiful browser. Awesome performance. Finally there’s something which would say Goodbye to Firefox. 🙂

Lovely work Google….!!!

2 IBS 09.04.08 at 1:25 pm

Hmm, are there any features to the browser? How about the same Google plugins I love in IE? (autofill as a really good example)

3 Danny 09.04.08 at 2:16 pm

Amazing browser Google!! Waiting for the day to move microsoft out… What about addons such as firefox??

4 jonathanseer 09.05.08 at 1:15 am

Seems faster than any other browser, especially my mainstay Firefox, which I do love. It’s an incredible start. Google has clearly learned from IE and Firefox.
Priority plug-ins should be:
1. Spell Check
2. McAfee Site check
3. Use Chrome within Firefox or vice versa plug in adapter (like the use IE in Firefox plug)

plug-in to check spelling should be #1 for one simple reason.

Without such a feature, people who enjoy posting comments (as I do) on online articles will avoid using Chrome, to avoid posting comments riddled with spelling errors. This happened to me, because I am used to Firefox, it highlights errors, and gives me options to correct them.
Chrome seems to underline possible errors too, but doesn’t display any easy options to correct a potential error. It requires manually looking up possible corrections. That is extremely time-consuming and not practical for anyone who actually “reads rather than skims” articles, and then takes the time to post thoughtful comments as opposed to the usual, smarmy sarcastic send offs most people write when commenting .

5 V_RocKs 09.05.08 at 2:03 am

Wondering why they couldn’t include their own toolbar…


6 Mikey 09.05.08 at 9:55 pm

It is a beta browser, which some seem to forget.
Well done for the stage at which it is at. I am really impressed with the speed (and look) of this browser and will be interested to see how it evolves. I like the Firefox features of predictive auto-completion and clearing browser data. I hope it will offer advanced configuration for this to occur automatically on exit, as it does on Firefox.
Good to see that SSL encryption, proxy filtering and phishing detection is supported but no settings for trusting security domains.
When they are developed, it could also benefit from extensions/plug-ins like the Firefox add-on – Noscript – to block common scripting attacks.
I personally do not like the name “under the hood” and how you have to scroll down to see the entire page. That is just my opinion though.
Keep up the good work, look forward to the next version.

7 Josh 10.25.08 at 7:01 am

Google describes its Chrome as a browser that ‘combines and minimal design with sophisticated technology’ – there are some delightful features with Chrome –
– Incognito Mode
– Clean Interface
– Fast
– There are privacy issues
– The browser cannot be customised or expanded by thousands of addons – it cannot even be customised by addons.
– There are some nice features, but they’re missing out on some basic features that a browser should have.
– It looks too dull – although it is clean, it just looks a bit dull on XP and earlier versions of Windows. And it’s not too impressive on Vista either.
– Google Chrome is not compatible at all yet with Mac or Linux and so on. Firefox is compatible on many, even very minor, operating systems.
– Though Google Chrome has some nice feautures, it lacks some imagination – all these nice features operate well, but the team must be more imaginative and creative, e.g. Firefox has smart location bar.
– Some web pages refuse to work properly with Chrome – it happens always on any browser, but on Chrome it’s a little bit more common than some other good browsers.
– Customisation is poor – can’t move buttons around, really, very few options, etc etc etc.

8 Tyra Misoux 12.16.08 at 5:52 am

I gave chrome a try and I am really surprised. I fact it is very fast, smooth and intuitive and I look back a littel melancholically when going back to firefox now. Basically Google Chrome really rocks!
For the moment there are simply 2 most important features/plugins missing. adblock and noscript.
I simply do not want any untrusted random webpage running code or useless flash-garbage on my computer (I do not even want to have time wasted needed to load it). Other sites force me to ruin my eyes with flickering coloured stuff I’ve never seen before (and I never want to see again).
Pleaaaaaaase give as “noscript” 🙂
(ah, and for hell, NEVER EVER install any autostart-shit (googleupgrade-foo) or system-services without ask me before!! As soon as I quit a program there MUST be nothing left running)

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