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Acer 3G Chromebook First Looks

by arupchou on May 25, 2011

Acer was identified as one of the partners by Google to roll out devices equipped with the Chrome OS. During the recently concluded Acer 3G ChromebookGoogle I/O conference, Acer unveiled its 3G Chromebook which will be running on Google’s operating system and will be sold from next month. We bring you Acer 3G Chromebook preview, which will help you to get an idea as to what the machine has in store for you.

Acer 3G Chromebook Preview

With its Chrome operating system Google is looking forward to take computing to the next level and Acer 3G Chromebook is a step in that direction.  Acer, a renowned manufacturer of netbooks and laptops has tried to equip its 3G Chromebook with features which will attract users who love speed.

Design And Display

The laptop boasts of silver matte finish and the high gloss black edges gives it an elegant look. The design of the laptop is simple yet stylish. Acer 3G Chromebook notebook is equipped with an 11.6 inches LED display which is capable of displaying colors of resolution measuring 1366×768 pixels. Though the colors displayed are quite sharp yet they do tend to get a little washed away when viewed from angles.

Technical Specs

Acer 3G Chromebook laptop hard disk offers storage space of 16GB which we some may disappoint some users. But since the concept of Chrome OS is such that most of the work, files and applications will be stored in the cloud, requirement of an external storage device is not that  important. Check out Acer 3G Chromebook full specs.


Acer 3G Chromebook is equipped with some great features. Each time the machine is switched on; it automatically updates itself with the latest features and fixes the bugs. Along with it, it also syncs favorite themes, extensions etc of the users. The device is also equipped with several in-built security features. Whenever users boot the device, it automatically does a self check called “verified boot.” If the OS has been meddled with, it is automatically restored. Thus users do not have to worry about the security of their system.


The notebook facilitates USB connections with a couple of USB ports.

Wireless Connections

Connectivity is of paramount importance for any notebook and realizing this fact, Acer has equipped the notebook with a built-in-dual band Wi-Fi. Connectivity is also enhanced by the presence of optional 3G mobile broadband service which is pretty fast.

Battery Life

The machine is equipped with a 6 cell li-ion battery which provides a run time of around 6 hours which is quite decent.


Priced at approximately $ 350, the notebook seems quite promising. Advanced specs coupled with built-in features makes the devices quite appealing. If you are looking for a secure, fast and effective machine, then you can surly go for Acer 3G Chromebook.

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