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Chrome Browser Crashes Annoy Mac Users

by S.Roy on March 2, 2013

If you are a Mac user who is constantly having his Chrome browser crashing every now and then, you are not the only one. The problem, apparently, is being caused by a bug in the Chrome search bar known as “Omnibox.”

The “Omnibox,” as Chrome users know, is the tool used to search the web as well as go to particular websites by entering their URLs directly into the bar. Lately, some users have had their browser closing abruptly as they began typing into the Omnibox bar. While Google is not ready to accept it as a crash, at leasr not in the technical sense, Chrome users most definitely are.

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The bug first came to notice on February 10. Some users have complained of suffering as many as 20 crashes in a single session and particularly, while visiting sites like Facebook or even Google Drive. The issue has even become the subject of Twitter conversations.

Google has confirmed that it is working on the problem and plans to bring out a fix very soon. That would be good news to new as well as long time users of Chrome that has otherwise been earning accolades as well as gaining greater market shares in all countries for its speed, stability and advantages over various other browsers.

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