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Chrome Browser’s Market Share Touches 10%

by arupchou on January 4, 2011

Internet Explorer’s loss is Chrome’s gain. 2010 proved to be a good year for Chrome Browser with its market share reaching 10% in December 2010, almost nine months ahead of the schedule. Chrome had set target to reach 5% in September 2009 and 10% in September 2011.

Google Chrome ImageAccording to California based company Net Applications, market share of Internet Explorer (IE) fell to 57.1% with the browser losing 5.6 percentage points in the last one year. What is worse is the fact that IE has lost around 10.7 percentage points since IE8 was launched in 2009.

Rise for Chrome Browser Over The Months

It is to be noted that market share of Chrome Browser has been rising over the months. The share of Chrome Browser stood at 9.3% in November 2010 and the rise to 10% in December is an indication of the rising popularity of the browser.

It is believed that availability of extensions and several other user friendly features have played an instrumental role in enhancing the popularity of the Chrome Browser. Apple’s Safari is another browser which saw an increase in market share from 5.6% to 5.9% in December. It is anticipated that in coming days market share of Chrome Browser will further increase, something which is bound to give Microsoft sleepless nights.

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1 Saif Hassan 01.04.11 at 11:53 pm

Good News for Chrome but where is the comparison with Mozilla Firefox?

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