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Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Hacked By Hexxeh To Run Android

by arupchou on January 7, 2011

Liam McLoughin aka Hexxeh who had been in news a few months back for hacking an iPad to run Chromium OS has hacked Cr-48 Chrome Cr-48 Notebook ImageChrome Notebook to run Android OS. In popular social networking site Tweeter, Hexxeh has tweeted an image which shows Cr-48 notebook running on Android OS. It is not clear as to which version of Android OS is being run on the Cr-48 and neither the details as to how he managed to do it is being given.

A Thing Of Concern

Hacking of Cr-48 notebook is a thing of concern as many people are wondering that the notebook is not being used to test Chrome OS, but other OS such as Windows and OS X operating systems are being installed in them. Not so long ago, something awful forum members ran Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard on Cr-48 notebooks.

The notebooks should be used as to what they are meant to be and that is to test the Chrome OS beta. It is going to be interesting to note if any further hacking takes place in the Chrome Cr-48 notebooks in coming days.

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