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Chrome History Browsing Page To Be Updated By Google

by arupchou on March 8, 2011

Ever since Chrome was launched by Google, the search engine giant has been trying to add additional features in it. Of late it has come Google Chromeup with several different versions of the web browsers and now the Google is working on Chrome’s history feature which will see receiving additional information and a bit revised layout.

Chrome To Soon Get a New Browsing History Page

Chrome users will soon find out a new browsing history page. However, one needs to have a very sharp eye to spot the differences between the new and the old browsing history page. In the current browsing history page you can find listing of date, time and page tile. In the new browsing history page you will find that it lists date, time, URL and page title.

Though it is not a major change, yet the change in feature will ensure that if you are looking for a specific information in the browsing history, you can find it much faster along with a better overview. It is to be noted that the Chrome browser is witnessing an unprecedented growth with the number of user’s growing by leaps and bounds. The browser has also corned a market share of nearly 11% and is giving a tough competition to its counterparts.

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