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Chrome Market Share Continues To Rise

by arupchou on June 25, 2011

Chrome Browser is slowly enhancing its market share. In the last few months the market share of the browser has increased rapidly and Google Chromeat a time when other browser have lost market share, Chrome has continued to strengthen its presence in the market.

StatCounter Data Shows Chrome To Cross 20% Mark

According to a data released by StatCounter while Firefox’s market share has touched 28%, Chrome has crossed 20% mark. Internet Explorer (IE) too has been losing grounds. It has been revealed that Chrome has begun crossing the 20% market share during the early weekend of May and it is expected that in coming days too, Chrome will continue to consolidate its share.

The launch of Chromebooks in various European markets is also expected to boost Chrome. The Chromebooks are equipped with Chrome OS and everything is done via Chrome Browser. Crossing the 20% market share is a major milestone for Chrome which had made its debut just a few years ago.

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