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Chrome Officially Out Of Beta

by Chrome Blog on December 12, 2008

Google has officially announced that Chrome is out of Beta now. It personally came as a surprise to me since i thought it might take some time before it would actually release with all the bugs and fixes, but i am not complaining. After 100 days since the Google Chrome was available for users to downloads as beta and after 14 updates they finally got it out of Beta in the 15th update, thus parting with its tradition to keep a product in beta for ages.

The team said that they have fixed the most comman bugs and glitches which were evident from the beta version in this new full release, such as better stability and performance of video and audio plug-ins. There is no doubt that Chrome has beaten competition in terms of speed since it was first released and google even says that it has become 1.4 times much faster than its first release in September,2008.

One of the top demands of users was an Enhanced Bookmarking Feature and better privacy controls – all these demands have been met is this post beta version. Its now much easier to switch between other browsers and Google Chrome with its Bookmark Import/Export feature. Security was one of the prime focus for the Chrome Developers and in a blogpost the team said:

We’ve taken security very seriously from the beginning and we will continue to look for ways to make Google Chrome and all browsers even more secure. Google Chrome’s unique sandbox technology creates an additional layer of defense against harmful software, while the Safe Browsing feature provides protection against phishing and malware attacks for many browser users.

One would have to understand that just because Chrome is out of beta, it does not mean that the work is over, there would be continued development work which would have to be done by the developers and the company, and this was also realised by the Google Team – as they said the work was continuing on other features such as RSS Feeds support and the Auto-Fill feature and loads of other features and enhancements.

Commenting on the Mac And Linux versions of Chrome, they said that it was also under development and should be released probably in the first half of next year with the plugins and extensions support. They didnt commented on any exact date for the Mac Release but a source code has been made public for anyone who wants to track its developement process.

As far as Plugin Developers are concerned, which is the main focus of our website, Google also released a “Browser Security Handbook” which is a great resource for any plugin developer.

If you are already using Google Chrome then you would automatically get the newest version in a couple of days time, and if you have not yet tried google chrome then it might be a good time to try it now..

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1 Dmitry 12.12.08 at 4:02 am

But I dont’t like that thing, when if you try to find something on page (Ctrl+F) – it search only on the page, but not in the windows in the page.
For example – when I write this post it cant find my words, that I write here in comment form…
Very unusefull = /

2 Cena 12.14.08 at 6:16 am

I think its a problem that the page is not fully loaded. Sometimes if you use the search command prior the whole page is loaded then it might not give you the correct search result. This happens a lot with IE and Firefox as well..

3 Dmitry 12.15.08 at 7:24 am

No, it’s fully loaded…

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