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Chrome OS might reduce PC prices drastically

by arupchou on December 9, 2010

Google Chrome OS ImageThanks to Google’s new Chrome OS which has been launched as a test version, cost of PCs might well come down in coming months. Analysts believe that with Chrome OS, PCs could become cheaper by nearly 25% in India.

It is to be noted that an OS, makes up nearly one fifth of the cost of a PC. Since Chrome OS is basically free software, it will drastically reduce cost of PC. Moreover, since the OS is an open source and does not require any licensing fees, it will contribute in lowering costs of PCs. It is expected that Chrome OS will be launched sometime in 2011.

Benefits of the Chrome OS

Chrome OS also boasts of several other advantages. PC loaded with the OS start up quickly and is ideal for users willing to record information of their work. Though Google had initially indicated that Chrome OS will be designed for notebooks, later it hinted that it plans to expand it beyond netbooks too.

The search engine giant talked about the OS in 2009 and since then it had generated much enthusiasm among computer geeks. During the Chrome OS event held at San Francisco on December 7, Google further provided insights of the OS. Chrome OS is the ideal platform for Google to challenge traditional OS like Windows and Mac. However, it will be a challenge for Google to convince manufacturers to roll out notebooks with the Chrome OS. Acer and Samsung will be the first OEMs to roll out Chrome OS noteb

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1 Ian 12.09.10 at 4:29 pm

Is GCOS totally acloud device. If I am traveling and I want to read an ebook, must I wait until I am within wifi range? Will there be a few local apps for anything? If not, I must carry two devices.

2 deepak 12.10.10 at 2:43 pm

google never mislead their users..i hope google os will be huge success.

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