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Chrome OS: One Of The Most Awaited Technologies Of 2011

by arupchou on January 5, 2011

2011 is here and with each passing day of the year speculations are rising about the new technologies which are waiting to Chrome OS Imagerevolutionize the world in coming days. Search engine Giant Google has always been looked forward as a pioneer in coming out with innovative products and services and 2011 is going to be no different.

Expectations From Chrome OS

In fact the platform of one of the most awaited technology was laid when Google revealed its plans to come up with an open source OS to work with web-apps in 2009. The OS known Chrome OS since then has generated much heat and was slated to be launched in 2010. But work on this is still going on and it is expected that the OS will be launched sometimes in early 2011.

Machines equipped with the OS are expected to boot up in few seconds and make use of minimal hardware. In fact Google has begun shipping Cr-48 notebooks to test the OS which is currently in beta version. Google has also partnered with Acer, Samsung and other vendors to manufacture netbooks equipped with the OS and the netbooks are expected to hit the market sometime in 2011. Apart from Chrome OS Google TV and Sandy Bridge based processor from Intel are some of the other technologies awaiting techies in 2011.

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