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Chrome To Encrypt Gmail

by arupchou on June 16, 2011

In recent times, Gmail has been a preferred target for hackers particularly from China. Recently Google claimed that Chinese hackers Chrome 13hacked Gmail accounts of several administrative officials of the White House. In order to counter the threat, Google has modified the Chrome browser in such a manner that it will always encrypt connections with e-mail services.

If you see “https” in the address bar of Chrome browser be rest assured that your Gmail is safe.  Now Chrome prevents unencrypted version of Chrome which could have been accessed by “http://gmail.com”. In the blog post, Google programmers said that for Chromium 13, all connections to Gmail will be over https.

Boost To Security

The step undertaken by Google is a step taken forward to ensure that users get utmost safety while browsing via Chrome. Security has always been one of the major USPs of Chrome and has been a selling point of the browser. By enhancing the security of the browser Google will make its own services less vulnerable to threats and will make web a safer place for users. Notably in order to make attacks harder, Google had equipped Gmail with two-factor authentication where apart from ordinary password, a code was required from a person’s cell phone.

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