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Chrome Users Asked To Switch To Older Versions Of Browsers To Enjoy Offline Gmail Support

by arupchou on May 27, 2011

Search engine giant Google has asked Chrome users to get back to outdated version of Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox if they Gmail Logowant to access Gmail offline. On Tuesday, offline support of Gmail was withdrawn for Chrome, IE 9, Firefox 4, Safari and Opera. At present the stable version of Chrome is Chrome 11, which even does not run Gmail offline. It is to be noted that Google had announced Gmail’s offline shut off a couple of months ago in its push to switch from Gears to HTML5.

Switching To Older Versions

Google has recommended Chrome users to get back to IE8, Firefox 3.6 until offline support for Gmail is restored with HTML5. It is believed that the update will take place sometimes during this summer. In a blog post, Google has said that it is working to deliver offline capabilities via new Gmail Offline Chrome web app as soon as it can. Till then it has asked users to get back to the aforementioned old versions of the browser to enjoy offline support of Gmail.

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1 Marco Metin 05.28.11 at 4:18 pm

I don’t want to know anything about it.

Just to say:
The new versions of Google Chrome are crap, including the new shabby logo.

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