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Chrome’s Market Share Surpasses 20%

by arupchou on July 1, 2011

Chrome is growing and its growing rapidly. The browser has cornered 20% of the world’s market share while Internet Chrome BrowserExplorer’s (IE) market share has slipped below 50%, according to the data by StatCounter. The data from StatCounter reveals that Chrome is now the fifth most popular internet browser with a market share of 20.7%.

Massive Increase In Market Share

In the last one year, Chrome’s market share has witnessed a massive rise. Chrome was launched in December 2008 and in June 2009, the browser had only 2.8% market share. Chrome’s clean design coupled with faster V8 JavaScript engine and support for newer web standards has helped Chrome to gain foothold in the browser market.

StatCounter’s data also revealed that several versions of Internet Explorer fell from 59% to 44%. Share of Mozilla Firefox too dipped from 30% to 28%.

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