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Chrome’s Market Share Surpasses IE In Three South-American Countries

by arupchou on July 11, 2011

It is no secret that the market share of Chrome has seen a tremendous surge of late. The market share of the browser may vary from Chromeregion to region but where ever it is, Chrome has emerged as a tough competitor to other established player in the market, particularly Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE).

During the first 10 days of this month, Chrome has notched up a market share of 21.8% which is 1% more than that of June. IE has already losing its users to Chrome and the market share of the browser has dropped from 43.6% to 42.6%.

Popularity Rising In South America

It is to be noted that in South America, Chrome is increasingly bridging the gap between Internet Explorer and itself. Though Chrome’s market share in South America is around 32.1%, behind 41.4% than IE, the former has surpassed the later in July for the first time in three countries namely Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

In Argentina, Chrome’s market share stands at 37.5% while IE’s share stands at 37.2%. In Chile, 43.7% users use Chrome while IE is used by 31.6% people. In Uruguay, 41.1% of the users use Chrome, while only 28% of the users use IE. There are chances that in other countries of the world too, Chrome will enhance its market share. Sample this: In Albania Chrome is used by 58.9% users while IE is being used only by 12.9% people.

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