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Difference Between Chrome Browser And Operating System Narrowing Down

by arupchou on February 28, 2011

Search engine giant Google had announced that in the forthcoming release of the Chrome Browser, apps can run in the background Chrome Browsereven when users have not exited from the browser. Not only this, Google is also making efforts to develop HTML 5 in a few years time. These features from Google make the Chrome browser share a lot with an operating system than being just a web browser.

Other Features With Chrome Browser

Of late with features brought out by Google, the difference between Chrome browser being run on another OS and an OS has become narrower. Viewing and editing documents in Google Docs, communicating with Gmail and Google Voice plug-in and using Google docs as file system, all has transformed Chrome browser from being a mere web browser.

Security Issues With Running Of Chrome Apps In Background

However, there are questions being raised about security issues related to running of apps in the background. Running of code in the background without the user’s notice is one of the common ways of malware and virus operations.

Though Google has said that the functionality will be available only to apps and extensions of Chrome Web Store, yet security concerns will be there as last year several unlawful Android banking applications pulled up by the Google. There were complaints that these could be used in leaking account details.  Apart from security issues, the efforts from Google to bridge the distinction between browser and OS, Google is making it far more spontaneous to work and store our data online.


1 argosavi 02.28.11 at 9:12 am

i was using Mozilla.s Firefox as my web browser. now i have started using Google chrome as my regular browser.but i am missing some of the advantages those i was enjoying with Firefox add-on-plugins.
[1] password save[2]clipmarks[3]WOT –WebOfTrust.

please suggest equivalent plgugins for Google Chrome browser.

2 Mirko 02.28.11 at 3:14 pm

@argosavi – There is WOT for Chrome, I do not know about the other two equivalents

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