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Google Accelerates Development Of Chrome 9

by arupchou on January 13, 2011

After almost a month of halt of development of Chrome 9, Google has once again accelerated its development, which is hinted by the Chrome Browser Imagenumber of Chrome 9 Betas releases in the past few days. In the most recent release of Google Chrome 9.0.597.47 Beta, the search engine giant has reintroduced support for WebGL and other features such as Flash sandbox. It is to be noted that last week during the release of Google Chrome 9.0.597.44 flash sandboxing was disabled.

Back To Work After Break

Notably after Christmas break, the Chrome team has began to work towards the development of beta browser and has updated it nearly five times. In the recent release of 9.0.597.47 Google has claimed that WebGL acceleration has been improved to a great extent under Windows XP.

However, one thing is clear that with such fast paced development, users can soon get to access Chrome 9 in a stable channel. The 9th version of the browser is expected to be finally released within one or two weeks. Notably, popularity of Chrome browser has increased manifold over the last few years and the launch of the 9th generation of the browser, is expected to further consolidate its market position.

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1 Jirka 01.14.11 at 4:54 am

Hi, will it by possible to play finally the stream tv in chrome 9?


And the last thing I ve to say: Good job! Chrome is really pleasant browser!


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