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Google Chrome Ready For Business Enterprises

by arupchou on January 21, 2011

After making its debut almost two years back, the popularity of the Google Chrome browser has increased by leaps and bounds. Chrome MSIAvailability of several extensions and apps have bolstered the growth of Chrome and by the end of 2010, Chrome cornered a market share of 10%.

But for long it had been felt that the browser lacks the capability of finding its usage within a company, but search engine giant Google changed it all last month by coming out with a business version of Chrome.

Features In Business Version

The business version of the browser is equipped with several tools which makes the browser business friendly. The business edition of the browser comes as an MSI file which provides a customary way for installing an app. At the same time one can create own installation packages to deploy the usage of browser for business through MSI file.

Another feature of the new business version of Chrome is the availability of group policy templates which permits administrators to customize the browser as per the security needs of the company. One can download the templates as a single zip file and the advantage of the business version is that it allows organization the liberty to provide web security without the need to upgrade to costly software licenses.

Coming out of the business version of Chrome is expected to play an important role in further consolidating the market position of the Chrome which at present has nearly 120 million users worldwide.

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1 Mahesh 01.21.11 at 5:39 am

Business version will sure help business persons !

2 Saif 01.24.11 at 1:52 am

Google’s now planning to gain some business share 🙂
Good Strategy! 🙂

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