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Google Chrome Vs Internet Explorer

by Abhinab Choudhury on April 21, 2012

There was a time when people did not know any browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer but now the times have changed. Google Chrome came as a surprise package for every browser enthusiasts. It has all the security feature which Firefox can brag about and additional features for design and customizations. Let us find out how the Internet Explorer started losing the game and how Chrome made the tables turn.

Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

Way back in early 2000, the first challenge was put forward to Internet Explorer from the open source browser – Firefox. Internet Explorer Vs Firefox was seen as the next big hustle as it made people think about why stick to something which has failed to adapt to the changing environment. Internet Explorer has not seen any major change to the interface or working structure since IE v6. May be they did bring in newer versions but it had nothing which appealed to the mass audience. On the other hand Firefox provided many tweaks and custom options to its users to suit their mode of working.

Introduction of Chrome

By the late 2000 it was almost clear that users needed better looking browser with greater sense of security and customization. No soon Google came up with Chrome from behind the curtain. The initial dev build were full of bugs and errors but it attracted swarms of developers from all across the internet community. Being open source and getting support from the Google developers Chrome started to recover fast. By dev version 4 it had already hijacked significant amount of market share.

The Stage

Firefox was all better than Internet explorer in almost every aspect but there was something missing. It has quality security features and customization options. The Firefox plugin store has almost millions of add on which helps a user with individual tasks. So what was missing? It had no option for personalised search, it was missing sync between cross platforms and the most important thing was the frequency of updates and changes it made the user to bear with.

There is no question about comparing Google chrome or Internet Explorer with Firefox as it still holds the loyal users and it will not be possible to break the loyalty in the near future as well. The war is now solely between Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. With Chrome adding new features and functionality in every new version and Internet explorer making no difference to the newer version, the results are more or less definite.

Chrome Features Vs Internet Explorer

Why is Google chrome faster than internet explorer? How a user does define performance of a browser? It should show results in less time and it should open up web address fast. Since 50+ percent of people use Google search engine, it is possible that Chrome has faster way to pull in results from the server. Internet Explorer fails to compete with Firefox and Chrome in this regard. Moreover there is not much add on facility available for Internet Explorer and this makes Firefox and Chrome more lucrative for the regular users.

Is Google chrome safer than internet explorer? For this, we took feedback from free lance developers and programmers, regarding security aspect of Internet Explorer and found it to be the same as compared to others. Google with its new creative aspect has started a campaign to fix bugs on Chrome browser. It rewards all developers if they can find a security loop hole in the browser and fix them eventually. This hence is making Chrome more secure and bug free with every new advanced version.

Another most important feature is the single page isolation. Say for example you are browsing through multiple tabs and a website has a corrupt script or fails to load on Chrome. It will crash that particular page and still function in a normal way for the remaining tabs. But when a page fails or crashes in IE it’s all gone for the complete browser. This feature sure saves time and data during odd browsing sessions.

There may be very less situations on which Google chrome is not working but internet explorer is whereas the vice versa can be seen in only “Activex” supporting sites. Flash as well has many problems with most of the IE versions.

Chrome Portability and Sync

The main advantage that Google chrome offers to the user is the associated service which neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer can provide. The easy synchronization with the Google account and multiple personalised features is what makes Chrome stand out in the crowd. You can merge in mail, bookmarks and other services with your Google Account. The best feature about the “Sync” is that it also records your browsing history and saved password along with custom extension and themes.

With the upcoming Android Chrome portability we may see more of inter browser functionality. The mobile support and cross device service will sure make Chrome a better option for all users. With Android on beta stage and a few services to offer it is sure loved by all Chrome community.

Internet Explorer Versions Vs Chrome

Chrome no doubt beats all IE versions previous than Internet explorer 8 but IE version 9 do have some very good security features. But it is limited to the same condition and no new attractive design or oomph factor has ever been considered by the Microsoft Team. Sticking to an old interface is sure making the Internet Explorer users go bored. So, while trying to hunt down for a new attractive secured browser, majority of the switch over users end up with Chrome.

Statistical Data Analysis Chrome Vs Internet Explorer

On March 18, 2012 Chrome beats Internet Explorer to become the number 1 browser. It was a historical achievement for the Chrome and Firefox users as they have done it at last. It was Saturday and directly reflects the Home user strength. It signifies the choice of use when it comes to personal Notebooks and Desktops. With Windows being the popularly used Operating System, almost all major offices and institutions are bound to stick to the default browser. But as soon as the office hours are over we see a mammoth rise of graph for the Home users.

Here is the actual data by StatCounter

Chrome Vs Internet Explorer

Chrome Vs Internet Explorer

This calculated data is based on 15 billion user interaction with the StatCounter Network.


Well there is not much left to say. We have already seen the pros and cons from every perspective and the after math calculation is decisive. Internet Explorer no doubt showed the world what a browser can do but it has evidently failed to please the present generation. Chrome is all young and new with less or no problems in its score card. One thing we can be sure of – Google Chrome is all set for dominancy and it will prove its worth soon.

Download Chrome

If you are still thinking, is Google chrome better than internet explorer, here is the official download link to the Google Chrome page. Try it and feel the difference. Remember to share your experience in our comment section.

Chrome Internet Explorer Plugin

If you still want to stick to Internet explorer because your system admin won’t allow you to download and install any new program you can try the Chrome plugin for Internet Explorer.

Guide for Switching

If you are switching from other browser to Chrome you can import all your bookmarks and favourites to chrome by following this article.



1 Steve 04.26.12 at 5:08 pm

english much?

2 ricky prathap 09.21.12 at 6:54 am

i have downloaded chrome but i little bit worried about the privacy, i don’t see any security settings to block pop up, so tell me how Google chrome is secure than the internet explorer.

3 Simran 09.21.12 at 7:14 am

Actually Chrome has some security peeks and they are sure looking it to be fixed. You can read the opt out plugins as mentioned in this site. If you are worried too much about the internal issues, Google devs have already started working with DO NOT TRACK feature in the latest build version of Chrome.

IE sure has something which we think as secure privacy feature but can anyone guarantee that MS is not collecting anonymous information through the browser and sharing it out with ad partners?

BTW, Welcome to the Chrome community.

4 Cart 09.27.12 at 10:41 am

1 word: … Google Ad Block

5 Bob Jenkins 11.02.13 at 8:15 pm

I have been using yahoo mail for years can I still acess it with chrome. I am also using ie for my browser with error messages

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