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Google Fixes 16 Chrome Vulnerabilities

by arupchou on January 14, 2011

In an update released by search engine Google regarding Chrome, it has patched 16 vulnerabilities and paid a researcher a whopping Chrome Bugs Imagesum of $3,133 for reporting a single bug. Among the 16 vulnerabilities 13 happened to be “high” threats while 2 were tagged as “medium” threats.

Only one of the bugs was tagged as “critical”, which happens to be the highest threat rating. While the high bugs have the ability to lead to remote code execution within the sandbox, the bug reported to be critical indicates about its ability to break out of the sandbox.

Flaws fixed in several components

The flaws were fixed in several components which includes the support of the Chrome browser for extensions and the in-built PDF viewer. The credit for reporting the single critical bug went to researcher Sergey Glazunov and the vulnerability has been described by Google as “stale pointer in speech handling.”

It is to be noted that a bug in an app’s memory allocation code is known as “stale pointer.” Meanwhile, Google officials expressed their happiness to offer $3133 which happens to be the Chromium security reward to Mr Glazunov. However, there is still some time to go before the technical details of the fixed flaws is made public.

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