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Google may unveil Chrome OS Netbooks on Dec 7

by arupchou on December 4, 2010

Chrome OS NetbookIf rumors are to be believed, then search engine giant Google may unveil its Chrome OS enabled netbook at an event on December 7. But if you are expecting to get your hands on it, then to wait for some time as it is believed that the number of netbooks will be limited only to 65,000 units which will be distributed among closet friends of Google.

It is believed that the netbook will be running on the beta version of the Chrome OS and will be released quietly, without much of a fanfare. The release of the notebook, if happens, will be similar to that of the Nexus S Android phone of the company. The only difference is that the netbook will not be accessible by general consumers. The netbook is said to be equipped with an Atom chip and have memory storage of 8 GB.

Rumors are also there that Chrome Web Store may also see the light of the day on the same day the netbook is unveiled. Chrome Web Store will host applications compatible with Chrome OS.

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1 Aisak 12.07.10 at 10:51 pm

Well today has been the 7th all day long. Any news yet? How do you get to be a close friend of google?

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