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Google New: find the latest news regarding Google services and applications

by logesh on October 5, 2010

Something new? It’s about Google? Find all on the Google New!

These would be the questions and reactions to their users when a new service or a new application of giant Google is dawning. For most users it is difficult to follow the Google news on all their blogs and a few of them know all the uses or services and its applications.

How many users know Google Googles, Google Health, Google Voice, Google Sites, Google Checkout, Google Scholar, etc? To promote the lesser known services and to come to the aid of Internet users wanting to keep abreast with what is new, Google propose Google New. It is a site that gathers all the latest news, launches and the latest updates to its products and services, as they make their appearance.

It is interesting to note that Google New, a very useful site for all the users, was created by a Google employee in the time allotted for personal projects.

You can check here this new Google feature.

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1 PhistucK 10.07.10 at 1:52 pm

The link is broken. Prepend “http://” to the “href” attribute.
Check before you post!!!!

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