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Google Popularizing Chrome In India Via TV Campaigns

by arupchou on July 7, 2011

Almost a year later after Yahoo launched “You” campaign to promote its products and services, search engine giant Google has Chrome Logolaunched TV campaign to boost the market share of Chrome in the Indian market. Google’s campaign which shows as to how the web has changed lives of millions of people has been devised for India which focuses on the emotional connections of people.

One of the ads titled “Archana’s Kitchen” talks about the story of Archana who is using the web to take forward her cooking passion. Another ad named “Letters From Dad” which is a collection of stories of parents using the web services for their children.

TV Campaigns To Enhance Market Share Of Chrome

India is an emerging market and undertaking such campaigns will help Google to enhance the market share of Chrome manifold. Though Chrome’s market share has witnessed rapid increase in the past few months, yet it has to go a long way to emerge as the number one browser in the world and therefore consolidating its position in the Indian market is of paramount importance for Google.

Chrome faces competition from competitors such as Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. Meanwhile Google also plans to popularize the web browser through advertisements in newspapers and through billboards.

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