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Google unveils features of Chrome OS and Browser During Chrome OS Event

by arupchou on December 8, 2010

Chrome OS browserThe much hyped Chrome OS event lived up to its expectation and the event is sure to give several software giant sleepless nights. During the event held at San Francisco, Google executives provided more insights into the Chrome OS and said that Chrome OS notebooks will be available sometime during the mid-2011.

Chrome OS Netbooks and Chrome Browser

Google executives said during the event that the Chrome OS notebooks will start in less than a minute and will come with integrated cellular wireless connections. It was revealed that Chrome browser has seen a massive growth in the last 6 months with number of users rising to 120 million. The search engine giant also said that it is joining hands with Verizon to provide several low cost cellular plans in Chrome OS powered notebooks.

The plans start with as low as $9.99 and offer 100 MB of free data per month for a period of 2 years. Google executives were quick to note that the OS is not yet ready and some work still needs to be done in this regard.

Samsung and Acer will be the first original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to manufacture Chrome OS notebooks, with others following the suit soon. During the Chrome OS event Google unveiled an unbranded laptop running on Chrome OS, which will be available on a limited basis for selected group of people. The laptop features a 12.1″ display, built-in 3G and a dual-band Wi-Fi.

Chrome Web Store

Google also showed some of the exquisite features of the Chrome browser. Google Instant is one such feature in the browser which allows user to load pages which he/she browses frequently. For example if a user browses Chrome Pluggins frequently, then just by typing “C”, the web page might get uploaded. Google also announced about Chrome Web Store and demonstrated an application of the store named SnapShot. Google aims to enrich computer experience of users with its OS and browser and the next few years may well revolutionize the computer world.

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1 PhistucK 12.10.10 at 11:31 am

“The plans start with as low as $9.99 and offer 100 MB of free data per month for a period of 2 years.” – this can be a bit misleading. You get free 100MB free of charge, no plan, no commitment, no obligation. The plans for more than 100MB per month start from 9.99$.

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