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HTTP Throttling Shields Chrome Against DDoS

by arupchou on April 19, 2011

Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) is one of the pretty bad attacks which a website can suffer. If you do not have adequate protection Chrome New Logoregarding it, then it can be really painful for the website. Search engine giant Google has now evolved a technology known as HTTP throttling to protect Chrome against DDos attacks. The feature will be introduced in Chrome 12 and though it will not entirely shield Chrome from DDos, but it will allow webmasters to steady their sites.

Working Of HTTP Throttling

HTTP Throttling will start working when it sees that there are minimum 4 server errors from a URL an user has been trying to reach. If found that the site is not reachable then Chrome will presume that the server might be unavailable or it may be a DDoS attack. Users will not be able to access that particular website for a certain period of time. After sometime Chrome will again try to reach the website and even if it can’t do it then the time interval for denying access to the site will be increased manifold.

The Mountain View, California based company said in the beginning the requests will be throttled to 0.7 seconds which will be increased to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Google is asking web site owners to see whether the websites are facing any difficulties or not due to this feature or not and if so, they are being asked to disable it. Users too can enable or disenable this feature.

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