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Samsung ChromeBooks To Hit European Markets

by arupchou on June 24, 2011

Users eagerly awaiting for Chromebooks in the Europe have a reason to rejoice. Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks is all set to hit European Samsung Series 5 Chromebookmarkets pretty soon. The Series 5 Chromebooks weighs just under 1.5 kgs and will be equipped with Google’s ambitious cloud-based OS, Chrome.

Features of Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks

One of the greatest features Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks is their short boot up time. The Chromebooks boot up time around 9 seconds and the devices offer users quick access to the internet and applications. At the same time it takes automatic updates.

So users are not required to update the OS and other things. At the same time, the Chromebooks offer robust security in the form of data encryption, sandboxing and verified boot. At the same time since every work and application is stored in cloud, there is no worry regarding security and loss of data.

The battery life of Chromebook is also pretty impressive. Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks offer battery life up to 8.5 hours and is equipped with a 12.1 inch display. The Chromebooks will be available in UK, France, Italy, Spain. Users can choose either from the Wi-Fi model or 3G enabled model.

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