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Selling Of Chromebooks Continue To Remain Robust On Amazon

by arupchou on July 18, 2011

It has been hardly a month since Chromebooks are being sold on Amazon. In this one month, the sale of Chromebooks are going strong Chromebookon Amazon. In the site’s best selling laptop section, Acer’s $349 Chromebook is in fourth spot while Samsung’s Chromebook priced at $ 500 is at the 11 th spot. It is to be noted that Acer has come out with Wi-Fi version of the Chromebook at a price relatively cheaper than that of Samsung.

Chromebooks In Demand

When the Chromebooks were released in the market, then many critics said that these will be flops but it seems that the notebooks have quite a demand in the market. The notebooks run on Google’s Chrome operating system and take automatic updates. Users do not have to wait for updates for years for the Chromebooks.

Chrome OS is still being developed and Google is sending out updates quite regularly for the Chromebooks.

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