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Stable Version Of Chrome 12 Released By Google

by arupchou on June 7, 2011

Google has pushed the stable version of Chrome to 12 which is almost similar to Chrome 12 beta which was released a month ago. Chrome New LogoChrome 12 stable brings certain enhancement related to security, privacy and graphics. It also features more hardware acceleration support and signals the end of support of Google Gears.

Features Of Chrome 12

The greatest feature in Chrome 12 is improvements in security. Google has patched 14 security bugs of which 5 have been ranked as high. Not only this, in order to enhance security, Google has expanded its “Safe Browsing” technology which warns users when they are about to download any file which has malicious content. Another security feature included is that users can easily delete Flash cookies.

In terms of graphics, Chrome 12 supports hardware accelerated 3D CSS which lets users experience 3D effects on the browser. The browser is also equipped with feature which launches web application from the location bar and an improved screen reader support. All users of Chrome will be updated to Chrome 12 within few days and many more improvements are in the pipeline to follow.


1 Ewout Kleinsmann 06.08.11 at 7:37 am

It’s really awesome what can be done with the 3D CSS Transformations. For now the technique is webkit only and probably not mature enough for real production sites, but at least Chrome provides a platform to showcase the potential of 3D CSS. This could bring us very interesting websites in the future.

I worked out an idea that I had for a while, but never thought it was really feasible to build. A folded Google Maps map: Folded Google Map

2 Kos 06.08.11 at 12:54 pm

And the spell checker is still buggy 🙁

3 Jaime Silva 06.08.11 at 6:44 pm

Clear Browsing Data should use a modal dialog and not a properly integrated tabbed settings page when using Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

This Accelerator should open the Clear Browsing Data dialog like in older versions.
Just for Accelerator Ctrl+Shift+Delete!

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