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Will Chrome Come Out of Beta Soon?

by Chrome Blog on December 11, 2008

I had posted this information yesterday on our Forum, that Chrome was coming out of Beta as per the recent TechCrunch Report in which Marissa Mayer, Google VP for user experience has been reported to have said this to a TechCrunch reporter.  But, there is not an official statement from Google as to when it is going to come out of beta.

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Going by the facts, i dont think it would be anytime soon, especially since there are numerous bugs which are still under review by Chrome’s developers and many more undiscovered bugs or glitches might be there. The current chrome beta version is which is certainly not bugs-free. Till now, Hotmail does not even recognise Chrome and users have to use a command-line for it to make certain options work in Hotmail in Chrome which makes Microsoft think its using Safari. There are certain Indexing problems in Chrome which are still under review and its not fully addressed till now.

Under these circumstances, i dont think Chrome might come out of Beta so soon, especially with Google having had of history of keeping its products for ages in Beta, how can we forget Gmail? It was in Beta mode for about 5 years before it actually came out.

One might get to hear more on the story on the 11th of December at the Add-on-Con, a conference about the browser entensions at which Nick Baum, a Google Chrome Product Manager is suppposed to speak on a panel on the future of web browsers. Representatives from Mircrosoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla would also be on the same panel.

Google Chrome still works only on Windows, so Google might make some announcements on its Mac And Linux versions as well at the conference.

P.S: Google is yet to officially comment on the issue.

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1 Sparky 12.11.08 at 1:34 pm

It’s here, now! Today’s the day.

2 Max 12.11.08 at 8:23 pm

Yep Sparky is right, it’s now official Chrome is out of Beta.

Dang, this is really strange considering Google’s stuff is like 90% Beta. Gmail was Beta for years, actually it still might be but Chrome only lasted just over 3 months in Beta.

Really odd.

3 SpryCorpse 12.11.08 at 9:47 pm

I heard somewhere that they needed to get Chrome out of Beta and into ‘Gold’ so that it could be bundled with computer releases – or something like that. Beta software would not be accepted.

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