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3 Great Chrome Extensions/Add-ons For Twitter

by Chrome Blog on November 14, 2009

Twitter as everyone knows is the new craze among people on the internet. When extensions were supported by Google Chrome, there was a great demand for twitter extensions for Google Chrome. Now that the extensions system is somewhat generalized, though you never know with Google, i am listing 3 handy little twitter addons for chrome.

Twitter Ticker Extension


One of the latest extension released for Google Chrome. As the name suggests, the extension displays tweets which are posted by the people you are following in an animated ticker format. This is possible by the use of jquery which the extension uses to retrieve and parse the information from twitter.

Download Twitter Ticker Extension

Twitter Share Extension

twitter share

An extension for twitter which uses the recently introduced browser actions. Once the extension is installed it adds a small twitter button in the address bar of the browser. Clicking on the button opens twitter homepage with pre-filled status that contains the Page Title and the URL of the page you were browsing. The message gets shortened by bit.ly if needed.

Download Twitter Share Extension

Chromed Bird Extension

chromed bird

The chromed bird extension is at present one of the most used extension for twitter. As the description given by its author –  ” it is an open source chrome extension that allows to follow your twitter account”. It adds an icon besides your address bar which when clicked upon opens a small window showing your twitter account page as seen in the image.

Download Chromed Bird Extension

I hope you like these extensions. For any troubleshooting queries and support on Google Chrome please refer to our Google Chrome Forum, and do not forget to follow us on twitter.

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1 diogo 11.16.09 at 5:24 pm

tem que ter uma pagina em portugues brasil eu nao entendi nada do que esta escrito very much tankyour
i don’t explick inglish yo ablo español

2 JAMES 11.20.09 at 10:43 am

Hi everybody,

i’ve seen a extension that puts a Folder icon beside the omnimbar for Bookmarks (Like the bird icon in the Chromed Bird Extension) Does anybody know, where I can get this extension (The name of the extension would be ok too).
Thank James

3 Jessica 09.04.13 at 12:23 pm

I’m using Bird Extension. It’s pretty cool.

4 SwagBucks Girl 09.04.13 at 12:25 pm

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