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3 Productive Social Media Themed Chrome Extensions

by arupchou on July 13, 2011

With the rising popularity of Chrome, social networking sites have also gained tremendous popularity. The site allows you to remain Chrome Extensionsconnected with your friends and family members. Extensions have played a vital role in enhancing the popularity of the Chrome Browser and in this article we present to you 3 useful and productive social media themed Chrome extensions. These extensions not only allows you to remain socially connected by also helps you to better utilize your browser.

Social Media Themed Chrome Extensions

HootSuite Hootlet:  With the help of HootSuite Hootlet Chrome extension, you can share any web link via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. If you want to share a link, all you need to do is to click on the Hootlet button and the link gets automatically shortened while the text is grabbed from the site. The shared URLs give you the whole analytics of the social networking site where you post the link. To download Hootsuite Hootlet, click here.

LinkedIn For Chrome: With the help of this extension, you can always remain connected with your professional LinkedIn network. To download LinkedIn For Chrome, click here.

Facebook Chrome Extension: Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking site around the world used by millions of people worldwide. The Facebook Chrome Extension helps you to get real time notifications and allows you to see the happenings of your FB profile. To download Facebook Chrome extension, click here.

Hope you found the aforementioned extensions useful and productive.

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