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3 useful extensions for Google Chrome

by logesh on October 7, 2010

Within a year, Google Chrome extensions have become more useful and more complex; not very much though. Google Chrome extensions are limited by current web technologies and will develop along with them.

Even so, I would do a great injustice if I’d say that there are not useful extensions of Google Chrome. Although this is the criterion by which we choose the extensions will be presented in the following lines: utility – extensions that are genuinely useful to users.

BitDefender QuickScan
With a name which itself explains the function performed, QuickScan BitDefender does not need too much explanation. It is a free tool to scan files.

This extension uses the service of the Quick Scan BitDefender. It only serves to relieve the longer you go on the official website. But it is useful if you want to ask for an opinion, if you’re not sure.

Bookmark Sync and Password Xmarks
Xmarks is a known extension and not just for Firefox users only. This works on both Firefox and Chrome and Internet Explorer and Safari. The only missing from the equation is Opera. With this extension can be synced bookmarks, passwords and open tabs. They are encrypted and stored on a server instead of being saved in the browser. Once done syncing, you have that data in any supported browser and on any computer. If at some point use another computer, you only have to install Xmarks, to log into your account and to give synchronization.

Google Quick Scroll
If you use Google to search the Internet, and probably use, then you might appreciate this extension. Google Quick Scroll replies to a specific scenario, which we are all doing almost daily. The scenario is as follows: search for something on Google and you enter on a website but you are not finding quickly the information you need. Quick Scroll Google will show you exactly the paragraph containing the search string.

{ 5 comments… read them below or add one }

1 ducktape 10.07.10 at 2:46 am
2 PhistucK 10.07.10 at 1:57 pm

Fact checking is needed here to, like ducktape wrote. Xmarks is shutting down. Do not recommend stuff that will not longer be useful.

3 Karen 10.17.10 at 6:34 pm

Has anyone heard of the GatherBack chrome extension (www.gatherback.com)? just tried out this screenshot extension for chrome and it looks pretty snazzy… would be happy to hear if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with them.

4 Paul 10.19.10 at 3:17 pm
5 BJEvS1953 11.30.10 at 7:13 pm

Anyone out there?

I started using Google Chrome as a interest from Gmail. However, the product/browser and/or my inadequate PC donated from Vocational Rehab due to becoming disabled and now on SSin stead of six-figures Ssalary dur my eduaction and experience – extremely $ tight !

SPECS: a throw-away Dell/Intel tower; no CD-ROM or floppy drives installed; 512Mb DDR SDRAM; processor speed 333 MHz; clock speed 512 Kb; L2 CACHE size 512 Kb; and no speakers or printer. Speaker support/driver(s) seem there: Sound Max, and proper BOOT sequence options.

I’d love to go buy a new-box 2010 hardware/software muscle machine – I can’t but speakers right now, and would have a $30 printer, but the ink kills my budget.
I use the free AVG 9.0, and did my one free-shot of optimizing. Windows 7 XP and 5Mb using 1.5Mb according to SpyWare Doctor V7.
Goole Chrome keeps crashing (plugin’s – especially Shockwave). If not crashing, I can almost paint the screens faster with a physical brush!
I was a Software OS mainframe Technical Support Specialist/Project Manager, worked with large systems for 15 years plus debuggd IBM OS; programmer 10 years prior. But my PC experience is not as proficient – you cn only take concepts so far.
Any help/suggestions for a poor old man with free, reliable (I know free and reliable are likely mutually exclusive) options, or sugest my most economicl approch.

Thanks for any feedback (Gmail me because I stay away from Internet Explorer due to how imbedded I am now with Google Chrome.


Thanks all you new-age young ones. BJEvS1953

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