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4 Chrome Extensions That Can Improve Upon Your Browsing Experience

by Chrome Blog on January 5, 2015

With varied functionalities and ease of handling, Google Chrome is one of the most sought-after browsers for mobile devices and computers today. However, the browser on its own cannot do certain functions. It needs Chrome extensions to do those tasks. The extensions specified here will definitely help you to improve upon your browser.


The Jot extension will change a new tab-page into a note-taking extension that can track anything typed on it. Each time you open the new page, a stunning new background is displayed.

Jot Chrome extension image


VisualPing is a handy extension that informs you when your preferred website is updated. To receive alerts, you need to visit your favorite website and provide your email address after tapping the extension located on the toolbar. This extension checks the websites once in an hour to monitor the changes. You will get 250 credits at free of cost. You can even customize schedules, check intervals, and triggers for the page you want to monitor.

VisualPing Chrome extension picture


TabSnooze is an amazingly useful extension that helps you in closing out the unnecessary tabs and brings those back later automatically. This helps in improving performance of your PC as well as in boosting browser speed that might slow down due to unnecessary clutters.

TabPicture of Snooze Chrome extension


This amazing extension makes Google Calendar smarter than it currently is. When you launch your Google Calendar, you’ll see UpTo extension in a sidebar. It has a huge directory of calendars from which you can follow concert dates, TV or music releases, sports schedules, movie releases, and more. You can add events to the calendar or you may choose to share it via social media with a click.

Image of UpTo Chrome extension

In all, these Chrome extensions have amazing features that make them worthy of trying.

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1 Jeff Elliot 01.06.15 at 11:21 am

These are great, thanks! I’ve been using UpTo for a few days now and it’s AWESOME. Other extensions I’m loving rt now:
– LastPass – Remembers all of my passwords
– Pocket – Save articles to read later
– Honey – Automatically lets you know if there’s promo codes available on a page while shopping online

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