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4 Useful Chrome Extensions For Google+

by arupchou on July 19, 2011

With the launch of Google+, Google has once again forayed into social networking arena which is dominated by Facebook, Twitteretc. However, Google+ is still in “project” status. Some tools for Google+ still needs to be developed and Google is working to add more features to Google+. But some of the Chrome extensions can be quite handy in fulfilling the gaps. Here we bring to you some of the Chrome extensions which you can use to enhance the productivity of Google+.

Useful Chrome Extensions For Google+

G+ Count In Title

With the help of this extension you get to see how many new posts you have on your Google+ page. You do not need to log in again G+ Countand again to check out the number of notifications. The number of notifications is shown at the beginning of the title so that you can view it when the title in long. But if you have lot of extensions which are opened then the extension is useless. To download the extension, click here.

Helper For Google+

With the help of this extension, you can add extra functions to Google+. You get desktop notifications on new post and the extension Helper+also helps you share your posts via Twitter. with the help of which you can translate posts into your desired language. There is also a notifier which ensures that notification is followed by sound. It also allows you to bookmark Google+ posts so that you can you can read them later. It also allows you to search in Google+ posts directly from adress box and on typing “plus” you can type your search query. To download Helper+ For Google, click here.

G+ Extended

G+ ExtendedThe extension gives more shortcuts which includes +1 options. Some of the shortcuts are

  • “+” for +1ing a post
  • “-” for removing +1 on a post
  • “p” for toggling +1 on a post
  • “s” to share a post
  • “e” for expansion older comments on a post
Some of the shortcuts are
“+” for +1ing a post
“-” for removing +1 on a post
“p” for toggling +1 on a post
“s” to share a post
“e” for expansion older comments on a post

To download G+ Extended, click here.

+Comment Toggle

+Comment ToggleWith the help of this extension, you can hide all the comments. At the same time the screen is reduced to a comment tally which you can expand as per your wish. The extension needs to access pages on plus.google in order to integrate the JavaScript required to hide your comments.Users who are wary about the fact that +Comment Toogle access their browsing history, it is not the case. It relies on communicating and opening tabs in the browser itself. To download the extension, click here.

Hope these add-ons will help you to better utilize Google+ and help you to stay connected with your near and dear ones.

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Some More Handy Chrome Extensions For Google+ - Chrome Plugins
07.26.11 at 12:28 am


1 Wit 07.19.11 at 7:24 am

Is it so difficult to provide links to the extensions mentioned? 🙁

2 Wit +1 07.19.11 at 7:52 pm

+1 to Wit

3 friv 08.06.11 at 11:05 pm

i very like chrome extensions Google+

4 friv for school 09.19.11 at 9:20 am

+1 i like it
friv friv friv school 4

5 Ehsan 09.24.11 at 11:57 pm

I’ve developed a new extension (Uncircle+) which I think you may find it useful. I’ll be very glad if you can test and introduce this new extension.

Uncircle+ Description:

Google+ lets you add a maximum of 5000 people to your circles. Nevertheless, not all of the people in your circles are active.

Uncircle+ is a google chrome extension that lets you easily uncircle (that is, remove) inactive people from your Google+ circles so that you can add more people to your circles later without reaching the 5000 limit.

Inactive people are those people in your circles who have not shared any posts (original, reshare, private or public posts) with you. Having at least 1 such post is a sign of activity.

Uncircle+ behind the scene:
Step 1: it collects a listing of people you’ve added to your circles.
Step 2: it checks the activity of these people.
Step 3: it shows you inactive people and lets you select which ones to remove.
Step 4: it removes selected inactive people.

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